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Bopping Heads

Bopping Heads is the newest and unique entertainment craze utilizing the latest in green screen technology.

We superimpose up to three people’s heads in most gender options onto professional dancer’s bodies with animated videos backgrounds. Everyone becomes a star making their own music video in less than five minutes for all to enjoy..

The Participants see themselves live on an exclusive monitor as others can view the soon to be music video stars on a large screen audience monitor and share some laughs as the video is being made. The performance is filmed and each participant can receive their own DVD copy immediately..

Many people share the video with friends, family, co-workers and even post them on You Tube or Facebook. Bopping Heads is a hit anywhere there are people . They work great at Birthdays, Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen’s, Fairs, Festivals, Graduations, Corporate and Holiday Parties, Schools, Fundraisers and Tradeshows just to name a few..


Bopping Heads North Dakota
160 Spruce Street
Kindred, ND  58051

Call for pricing.

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