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Larry has helped organizations build more productive and profitable working cultures through the development of strong leaders and dedicated employees. Larry is the co-author of the highly acclaimed, top-selling business ethics book, ‘Absolute Honesty: Building A Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk And Rewards Integrity‘. He has also written more than 60 articles, published in recognized business and association journals.
Larry understand that today’s audiences are different. Social media has made us an instant gratification society. Audiences want to interact, participate, and connect with not only the speaker at the front of the room, but also network with the audience around them. Larry will inspire your audience to rethink their goals and help them take action. He will be the catalyst for change and transformation you are looking for when you hire your next speaker!

Larry’s Topics include:
Straight Talk: Communicating with Honesty and Integrity
Mastering the Storm of Change
Creating an Insanely Positive and Productive Work Culture
Turning Customers into Raving Fans

For additional information or to book, please contact:

Kathie Pillard
(800) 759-4933

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