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Ella Dorner- Motivational Speaker

The Gift Of Gratitude:

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night and forgotten where you were? Have you ever forgotten where you put your keys? We all forget things from time to time and it’s no big deal. That’s life. We move on.
However, what if you completely forgot what a key was used for?

Entering the tenth grade, Ella suffered a traumatic brain injury and forgot her life. At 16, she was learning the world around her as if she was six months old. She had to re-learn her ABC’s, she had to learn to add and subtract again, she didn’t even know her own family. As she and her wonderful family worked through the process of re-learning… Ella lived in a tent that was pitched in her bedroom; enough room to move around and for her to feel safe. Every time she woke, she saw the note on her tent wall that said, “The blonde woman is your mother… and she loves you very much.”

The triumphant story continues, as Ella (now 22 years old) will graduate from the University of North Dakota this coming year. Ella’s story is compelling and unique; it is as heart-wrenching as it is inspiring. She is now exploding onto the motivational speaking circuit with her keynotes that remind people not to take the little things for granted – to be more appreciative of life and world around us each and everyday. Ella is uniquely equipped to share a tale of inspiration and awe with audiences young and old.

Contact Ella now for the opportunity to hear her compelling and fascinating story at your conference or event.

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