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Let’s Just Blow Bubbles-Randi Schaeffer

“Let’s Just Blow Bubbles” is a workshop for adults who strive to keep the spirit of childhood alive inside their hearts. Randi will re-introduce you to someone very special, yet long forgotten, your inner child (the spirit within). She will lead you through a fun and fascinating process of rediscovering the foundation of youth within yourself (the sense of self).

When was the last time you just played?

When was the last time you did the “Chicken Dance”?

Randi will show you how, you can actually get more out of life by taking it a little less seriously.

Learn to utilize your sense of self.

Recognize the importance of curiosity.

Recognize the importance of being different.

Bring to life your sense of play, joy, and laughter.

Learn to respond to events that bring your inner child to life.

Understand the importance of learning something new everyday.

Identify something to look forward to in your life everyday.

Each participant will receive handouts, a bebopper headset, hologram glasses, a bottle of bubbles, and various stress toys.

Randi Schaeffer-Keynotes-Workshops-Presentations
4001 149th Avenue NW
Bismarck, ND  58503
701-226-0207 (cell)

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