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Native Pride Dancers

Rainbow-colored headdresses, pulsating drumming, and fancy footwork are part of the excitement of a Native American powwow. World champion Fancy Dancer Larry Yazzie and the Native Pride Dancers perform flamboyant movements passed down by their ancestors and sacred songs from the Northern Plains.

Larry and the Dancers strive to educate and entertain audiences of all ages throughout the world on the beauty, skill, and majesty of American Indian music and dance.

Enjoy the beauty, athleticism, and majesty of the Fancy Dance, featuring freestyle movement with focused energy, dance regalia, and traditional songs from the Northern Plains. Enhanced by indigenous vocal and flute music, other dances like the Buffalo, Eagle, Hoop and Round Dances celebrate various animals, crops, the sun, and the wind.

Native Pride Productions
4082 W. 141st. St.
Savage, MN  55378

Pricing varies depending on number of dancers

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